Advice to my 20 year old self
I wanted to create a cover that is bold and professional yet not too businesslike in tone as the advice will come form people in all walks of life on a wide variety of topics

Passports and Plum Blossoms
The concept was to create a cover that portrays the authors recognized light-hearted writing style, yet set it apart enough as to not be thought as part of her previously published serious of books.

The Carb Party Diet
a cover that Chelsea Handler would love...

Llama Sutra
an eBook cover of a collection of literary hort story collection based on llamas!

Tierra Del Fuego
for this eBook cover I chose a simple rustic look to convey the main characters journey through Central and South America

How To Live A NO LIMITS Life
I wanted to keep the design simple with the smooth infinity of the ocean the girl on the swing representing anything is possible

The Bouncer and The Butterfly